Our Mission

DC Assault . is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing young athletes (ages 8-17) with the opportunity to develop their basketball talents while fostering sportsmanship, leadership in the community and academic excellence.

Opening Hours

Monday: 9pm to 5pm
Tuesday: 9pm to 5pm
Wednesday: 9pm to 5pm
Thursday: 9pm to 5pm
Friday: 9pm to 5pm
Saturday: 9pm to 5pm
Sunday: 9pm to 5pm

Weekend Workouts

Each weekend Chris Cole holds training sessions at local Prince George's County High Schools. These trainings are for players of all ages to come and improve there game. Also, there will be guest coaches such as Eddie Jordan, former Head Coach of the Washington Wizards and Philadelphia 76ers. Check the training schedule for specific times and locations.

About Us

About DC Assault

DC Assault Inc. was founded in 1993 by Curtis Malone, Troy Weaver and Michael Sumner. The organization was originally created to support and develop elite boys AAU basketball competition in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Over the years, DC Assault Inc. has expanded its reach to incorporate additional services geared towards creating well-rounded student-athletes that are prepared for life after basketball.

Statistics tell us that not every high school basketball player will get the chance to play in college, let alone at the professional level. According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), approximately 3% of high school senior boys will go on to play in college and only 1.2% of college senior players will get drafted by an NBA team. Such startling statistics encouraged us to offer services that would not only prepare student-athletes for life on campus, but also provide them with the right tools for life after basketball.
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Our vision is to build balanced athletes on and off the court. Based on our staff’s experience as teachers, coaches, and mentors we offer a wide-range of basketball related and non-basketball related services. Below is a list of the key components to our program.

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