Our Mission

DC Assault . is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing young athletes (ages 8-17) with the opportunity to develop their basketball talents while fostering sportsmanship, leadership in the community and academic excellence.

Opening Hours

Monday: 9pm to 5pm
Tuesday: 9pm to 5pm
Wednesday: 9pm to 5pm
Thursday: 9pm to 5pm
Friday: 9pm to 5pm
Saturday: 9pm to 5pm
Sunday: 9pm to 5pm

Weekend Workouts

Each weekend Chris Cole holds training sessions at local Prince George's County High Schools. These trainings are for players of all ages to come and improve there game. Also, there will be guest coaches such as Eddie Jordan, former Head Coach of the Washington Wizards and Philadelphia 76ers. Check the training schedule for specific times and locations.

Are you paying attention to detail?

Everybody works on their game what sets you apart.? Do you just work on your shot or do you work on your shot preparation as well? Do you just work on your one on one moves? or do you work on your explosion after the move and the space needed to get your shot off?


In order to be a great player you have to be dedicated to all aspects of the game, which begins with skill development. When you are working by yourself in the gym or with your trainer use this time to refine your skills. Just shooting and dribbling around is not enough. The game of basketball is now played by millions of people around the world, so use this time to set yourself apart from the rest.


Take some extra time this week to work on the following three things to improve your game:

  • Footwork, with and without the basketball
  • Shot Preparation (Make sure your shoulders and feet are square to the basket)
  • Explosion off of screens (Make Sure are creating distance between you and your defender)

As always, as your work on your game also try to make somebody else better on and off the court this week

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