Our Mission

DC Assault . is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing young athletes (ages 8-17) with the opportunity to develop their basketball talents while fostering sportsmanship, leadership in the community and academic excellence.

Opening Hours

Monday: 9pm to 5pm
Tuesday: 9pm to 5pm
Wednesday: 9pm to 5pm
Thursday: 9pm to 5pm
Friday: 9pm to 5pm
Saturday: 9pm to 5pm
Sunday: 9pm to 5pm

Weekend Workouts

Each weekend Chris Cole holds training sessions at local Prince George's County High Schools. These trainings are for players of all ages to come and improve there game. Also, there will be guest coaches such as Eddie Jordan, former Head Coach of the Washington Wizards and Philadelphia 76ers. Check the training schedule for specific times and locations.

Summer Safety for You and Your Kids

Kids’ outdoor activities and the summer both go hand in hand. When the last bell rings just before the summer holiday starts the kids rush out in joy. You can make your kid’s summer holiday eventful; take them to the beaches, summer camps, pools, gardens, zoos and sanctuaries, museums. Summer can be great fun for your kids. Let’s find out how to ensure your kid’s safety to help them enjoy the maximum.

Sun protection
Staying out in the sun for long can harm your kids if they have no applied sunscreen lotion. It is normal that sweat will remove the protection, therefore, reapply after every two hours or so. Clean your child before you reapply. If you do not wash thoroughly the dirt will remain on his skin and may cause skin infection. Please take a note that sunscreen can be applied to kids who are above six months.

Yes, you have to insist your child to drink enough water to remain hydrated. The heat will pull him down if he does not drink water. Water will ensure that he remains active and his body is cool. It is better if you can give them instant energy booster. Simply add glucose in the water that will ensure that your child does not run out of minerals. Excessive sweating causes mineral deficiency, and your kid may feel low on energy.

Another cool method is adding fresh fruits, like cucumber, strawberries, lemon etc. Properly clean and wash the fruits and cut them into thin slices. Add it to the bottle and pour water. This is a good idea to help your kid getting essential nutrients and minerals all day.

Skin Ailments
Burn, irritation, rashes are not new. Make sure that your child does not rub the affected areas with dirty hands. Clean the affected areas with plain water. You can rub ice cubes for initial relief. Switch on the best kids ceiling fan to cool him down. Coming from the sun and directly sitting in an air-conditioned room is not healthy. If the situation turns worse medical help may be required.

There is another way to deal with the problem. Skin problems are caused due to the exposure to heat. Your child should not stay out for long or can take regular intervals and sit in a shade. Clothes made of pure cotton and in light hue will help, a synthetic material should be avoided. If your toddler has allergy problems then it is better he/she does not go out in the sun, the heat may aggravate the problem.

There are various summer camps and activities your child can take part in. If he is going to stay out for days then pack his bag with the essential items, such as- a torch, rope, a helmet, a water bottle, sunscreen lotion, cotton clothes and most importantly mosquito repellents. A mosquito bite is a big problem in such outdoor activities.

Water Safety
According to the surveys, drowning is most common case seen in children. American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that kids below age 4 should not be enrolled for swimming. When your kid goes out swimming, please give him all the necessary life-saving equipment, like vests. You may consult with the instructor to find out more.

We hope that your summer turns eventful and lot more memorable with your kids. Always remain vigilant that your kid does not wander around alone. Be compassionate, do not rebuke them in public, if there is something you do not want them to do explain it clearly but with a soft tone.

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