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DC Assault . is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing young athletes (ages 8-17) with the opportunity to develop their basketball talents while fostering sportsmanship, leadership in the community and academic excellence.

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Each weekend Chris Cole holds training sessions at local Prince George's County High Schools. These trainings are for players of all ages to come and improve there game. Also, there will be guest coaches such as Eddie Jordan, former Head Coach of the Washington Wizards and Philadelphia 76ers. Check the training schedule for specific times and locations.

An Overview of a Rare Occurrence in Children: Varicose Veins Occurring either in Early Childhood or from Birth

Most individuals in society could point out the unsightly, embarrassing condition known as varicose veins (or varicosity) on their legs or the legs of someone they know. The same population probably has some idea of what causes this condition. That is, small, superficial veins in the upper layer of the dermis and epidermis can become strained and swollen with blood due to a number of reasons, such as standing for very long periods for extended stretches in time, increased pressure put on the legs and feet from obesity, and other similar reasons (Varicose Veins Causes). However, most of us have no idea that this condition can occur in children as well. That’s right, these unsightly, ugly, demoralizing swollen veins have the possibility of appearing in the children of our society, causing them immense problems with their self-image and self-esteem during their formative years, a time at which such things matter greatly to the type of personality the child will form going into adulthood.


It’s actually not that scientific of a concept that some children can end up with varicose veins, though. It’s simply genetic, or hereditary, that these problems occur in young ones, just like so many other diseases, illnesses, and conditions are. So, as parents, if we catch ourselves suffering from varicose veins (or any other known hereditary condition, for that matter), the responsibility falls on our shoulders to make sure that our children start with preventive measures, such as exercising, staying fit, and taking frequent rests in between long periods spent standings. It is always the responsibility of the current generation to protect the future ruling generation from certain things that they have absolutely no way of protecting themselves from. That is the nature of parenting, and it is no different when getting rid of varicose veins. As mentioned above, just as with children who grow up with terrible cases of acne, children who grow up with any condition which erodes their self-image and self-esteem can and will impact the type of adult that each of these children become. In fact, self-image issues are one of the most prevalent factors that push our teenagers to using illegal drugs as a way of escaping the feelings of worthlessness and ugliness that occur when these little angels suffer from such serious cosmetic conditions that make them vulnerable to ridicule and bullying.


Keeping this in mind, the single-most important takeaway here is understanding that varicosity is a genetic condition that can be passed on to our offspring. Therefore, the same way that we take preventive measures to make sure that our children do not contract diseases such as polio, measles, and mumps; we should also research and take appropriate preventive measures and provide education on this condition to our children who may have any chance of developing these veins at a young age. It sounds simple, and it really is; but simple does not mean that this is a meaningless issue. We need to do everything we can to make sure that our children become the best adults that they can be, and they should never become less than their full potential because of the ridicule that can come with cosmetic issues.

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